Vox Day on Atheism

Atheists usually claim religion is behind all the problems in the world, but since they also believe religion is human-created, they are eventually forced to end up advocating mass murder of one form or another.  Vox Day

What a wonderful, pithy formulation of the problem.  If religion is the cause of all the world’s evils, and genocide remains part of the human condition after religion is eradicated, then genocide isn’t evil.  If atheists are right and all religion is a human artifact, then getting rid of religion will do nothing to solve the world’s problems.  Man will merely replace his religious ideology with some sort of secular ideology, leaving man’s irrational and superstitious tendencies in tact.

Day also has recently criticized the idea that scientists are more rational than the rest of us.  It’s not that “science” isn’t a rational pursuit; it’s that scientists are the weakest part of the scientific enterprise.  Merely participating in the scientific enterprise does nothing to make a person more rational and less susceptible to non-rational biases.  Thus, to eliminate all religions and replace it with “science” will do nothing to make people less superstitious and more rational.  We will live in a culture that lacks the means that has historically been most common and effective in teaching moral values to the younger generation.

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One Comment on “Vox Day on Atheism”

  1. Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP Says:

    I just wrote a review on Richard Dawkins The God Delusion that addresses this concern. I’m glad to see that our seminarians are also voicing their opinions about what Scott Hahn and Ben Wiker are calling the New Atheism. You might be interested in participating in a webinar hosted by the Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology at http://faithscience.ning.com Feel free to sign up. We take folks like Dawkins head on!

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