Two Thoughts

Just Thomism always has good posts, but it has two exceptional posts this week.  There is no permalink for the second post yet, so I’ll reproduce it here: 

I do not call God infinitely good because I see no evil in the world, but because all that I desire exists in him. No rational appetite can desire finite goods as finite, and so I am stuck desiring the infinite good in all that I do regardless of how much injustice I imagine in creation, and regardless of how well I recognize the real structure of my desires.

Last month I read a review of a television drama that was set in a concentration camp. The Jews debated among themselves about the existence of God, and in the face of one objection after another the  argument was finally  decisively won by those who claimed that evil made God’s existence impossible. Then, when they were all led off to the gas chamber, one asked “what do we do now?” and the answer was “We pray”. The answer was not absurdism or intellectual cowardice- it was the recognition in the face of death of the structure and order of the heart.”

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