Robert George, Obama, Abortion

I read this piece by Robert George on the abortion policies Obama promises to enact, as well as his abortion voting history. 

Now that the election is over, the interesting question will be to see how many Obama-supporting Catholics actively oppose Obama’s abortion policies.  Further, it will be interesting to finally see the myth put to rest that liberal social policies will lower the occurrence of abortions by keeping people out of situations in which they would desire to have an abortion.  Then maybe we can get back to the real work of banning such an horrendous crime from our shores.

But then again, don’t count on it.  Expect Catholics to continue voting primarily in line with their political affinities.

EDIT:  Fixed the broken link.

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4 Comments on “Robert George, Obama, Abortion”

  1. Joel Says:

    Interestingly enough, Hale Lindzey, a protestant leader, declaired on his website that we are now in a post Chriatian nation. Tat is not because of who was elected but because the people voted for him. He is what the people want! I was speaking to someone this month abouit abortion and its conflict with Catholicism and she had absolutely no answer when I asked her why her political beliefs are more imporant than her religious beliefs. Also in California, the passing of Prop 8 has had so much press, but the failure of Prop 4 has had none, even in Catholic forums! Prop for asked for a 48 hour notification of parents before a minor receives an abortion. What I think we are experiencing is a rejection of Christianity by the Chrsitians themselves.

  2. phamilton Says:

    Joel, with all due respect to this Hale Lindzey, we’ve been in a post-Christian nation for at least fifty years. In fact, I think the seeds of a thorough-going post-modernism can be seen as far back as the 1920’s and was probably only slowed down by the Great Depression, which forced people to neglect the individualism required by post-modernity in favor of a more basic, less self-centered, existence.

    I can agree that Christians are rejecting Christianity only if we claim that this rejection is implicit. I don’t think most people reject Christianity explicitly because I am firmly convinced that most people do not know what Christianity teaches. I do agree, however, that the rejection is implicit, in that our society accepts the explicit anti-Christian philosophy promoted by secular ideologues in influential places. Nor do I think most people knew what they are getting when they elected Obama. They accepted Obama not because of what he stood for, but because he was painted as a social cure-all.

    I have always been aware of the media’s influence on culture, but I didn’t realize the degree of the influence until the acceptance of proposition 8. My bafflement isn’t just that so many people favor gay marriage nowadays that didn’t favor it a decade ago. Rather, it’s the fact that modern supporters of gay marriage cannot even see the reasoning behind rejecting gay marriage. I am thoroughly amazed at the arrogance of such a position. It is as if the brightest people in the last 2500 years were all irrational promoters of the “yuck” argument against gay marriage and that true rationality only blossomed in the last 10 years. Yeah. Right. The only explanation I have for this radical shift is the media juggernauts that exist nowadays. Neither gay marriage nor an Obama presidency would exist if our media would report without post-modern colored glasses on.

    At any rate, keep up the good fight. Take comfort in knowing that we aren’t required to have hope in humanity, but in Christ.

  3. Genna Says:

    Thanks for posting the article, Paul! It was an awesome read. 🙂

  4. Emma Says:

    AS far as psot Christian goes — if that is the concern regarding Popr 8:

    Where in the Gospels (Oh Yes we know the letter to the Romans but that is Paul no Christ) is homosexuality addressed? Look at the stories surrounding sexuality in the Goepel — (the Woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, the questions of marriage in the after life, lusintg in one’s mind etc) and analyze where the Lord seems to address this.

    Also one can be a believer in the gospel, and tpefficacy of the CHurh and still feel that in certain times historicaly the CHurch has been blinded by political or personal bais. That is simply the price of being a human intsitution (even if divinely inspired) Should Catholics nw=ever argue with their leaders?


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