A Few Political Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong, Sarah Palin’s acceptance of McCain’s offer to be his VP candidate does not alter my decision one way or the other:  I am still unsure whether I’m voting for McCain or not.  The VP just does’t have that many powers or responsibilities to counteract McCain. 

Which brings us to a question:  given that the VP doesn’t do too much, why does it matter that Palin doesn’t have a lot of experience?  Why is it that the Democrats that are complaining about her don’t feel queezy about Obama, who is just as inexperienced?  If “inexperienced” is such a bad thing, shouldn’t we be more concerned about Barack Obama, who is running for a much more difficult job?  Politics as usual.

Of course, given how much the president must be able to do, I don’t think there are too many people who could possibly be considered “experienced” enough to be president.  Some may be more knowledgeable about certain debates, procedural issues, and political climate that others, but there is always going to be more things that a person doesn’t know than what one does know for such a multi-faceted job. 

But anyway.  Sarah Palin seems like a very good pick at the moment.  If she shows everyone a thick skin over the next 60 days (and possibly throughout the next 4-8 years), she could make herself a contender for the presidency if she wants to be.

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