“Time” in Eternity?

A few of us seminarians were talking the other day about Thomas’ views concerning the heaven.  We were a bit puzzled because we could not figure out if there is time in heaven.  Sure, we will be with God for all eternity, but we are going to have bodies in heaven.  If we have bodies which are capable of moving around, it seems like the ability to walk from one place to another means that I am at one place at time T1 and at another place at T2. 

So for all of my many [ahem!] Thomist readers out there, what will the “status” of time be in heaven?  Will there be time, perhaps in an analogical way (if that makes any sense), or will we belong to an eternal present like God?

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2 Comments on ““Time” in Eternity?”

  1. Paul:

    I don’t think there can be much doubt that there will be temporality of some sort in the next life. Time is a measure of change; and we are creatures that change even if, among the blessed, all change will be for the better.

    Of course I cannot say how temporality in patria will be related to time as in space-time in our universe. But neither can I say how the issue matters.


  2. Mike,

    Thanks. That means that I was right! 🙂

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