Is this Just?

Is this our justice system in action?  I am firmly opposed to downloading music illegally, but this woman was forced to pay $9250 for each song she swiped.  If she stole the equivalent 2-3 CDs from her local music store, would she be sued for so much? 

This is what you get when you remove natural law theory from our legal mindset (and when so many of our judges are determinists).  If justice is just a human invention, and people couldn’t do otherwise than they did, then there is no reason to make pains to make punishments fit the crime.  Justice becomes an instrument for deterrent rather than a means of giving each person his due.

Addendum:  hmm…

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One Comment on “Is this Just?”

  1. 153 Says:

    Purposes of justice

    On the blog Ascent to Mount Carmel, a posting wonders if the music-sharing court case just concluded did on fact come up with a just verdict. The posting gives a link toone summary of that news, but one with more significant details can be found here: …

    Blogmaster edit: Click the poster’s name for the links he speaks of.

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