Why I love Jesus

Michael Liccione tagged me to explain why I love Jesus.  Since this is the closest thing I’ll ever have to an Emmy Nomination, I’ll take this tag as a great honor and happily write such a post. 

1.  I love Jesus because I am awed that God created the world out of love for us.  How else can I thank Him for His gift except by loving Him back?  See my post concerning my reversion to the Catholic Church.

2.  I love Jesus because I don’t have to choose between pursuing the Truth and pursuing happiness.  I don’t have to choose to live in ignorance to become happy:  when I pursue the Truth, I am pursuing happiness. 

3.  I love Jesus because He gives my life meaning.  My life had no aim before He found me.  I wondered what the purpose of doing well in school, getting a good job, or any worldly pursuit is if I am just going to die like everyone else.  Jesus makes even the smallest task an opportunity to show great love. 

4. I love Jesus because He died on the cross for me.  Whenever I wonder why God allowed so much evil in this world, I find it comforting that God chose to suffer with and for us.  Whenever I wonder why God could allow so much evil, I remind myself that the greatest evil has already been committed when Jesus was killed, and out of that greatest of evils came the greatest of goods.  God turned even the most gruesome instrument of torture into the greatest sign of love. 

5.  I love Jesus because He makes all things new.  Over the past five years, God has transformed me into the person He wanted me to become, often despite my resistance.  I was once emotionally wrecked, hard of heart, spiritually bankrupt, unaffable, unapproachable.  I had closed myself off to others so that they could never hurt me.  In fact, when I first told my family that I was entering the seminary, my brother, sister and mom never thought I’d last.  As my sister said, I just wasn’t a “people person.”  But Jesus transformed me, teaching me how to open myself up to loving and being loved.  He’s healed my broken relationships, softened my heart, and taught me that I am lovable.  I am still a broken person, but Christ is making me whole.   

I don’t know who I’m going to tag.  I’ll have to think about it a bit.   

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