Invisible Children

For a long time, I considered the killing of innocents to be perhaps the most heinous crime that a person could commit.  And yet, a thought recently occurred to me:  what if I kidnapped young children from their homes, attempted to brainwash kids to join my rebel army, killed the majority of the children that didn’t submit to my pressure, and then used the brainwashed kids to continue the kidnapping campaign for me?  Would that be a more heinous crime than merely killing innocent children?  I think so.

Unfortunately, children from the Sudan are actually going through the exact process that I describe.  This past Sunday, I watched a video entitled Invisible Children. This documentary was shot by three graduate students from a university in California on their trip to Africa.  They brought a camcorder, but they had no idea that they would film what they did.  Children, fearing for their lives, would leave their homes every night because they are not safe in their homes.  Men from a group attempting to overthrow the government kidnap children from their homes at night in order to fuel their resistence to the government.  The children leave their homes every night and sleep in common areas for mutual protection.

Of course, the UN and the world community refuse to call evil ‘evil’ when they see it.  Unfortunately, I only saw the 35 minute version of the DVD, so I am not as well versed as I would like to be.  There is a longer version which goes into more detail on how the situation developed, who the culprits are, etc.  I plan on buying the DVD and doing what I can to get the message out about these horrible crimes against human dignity.  I would encourage any of my readers to do the same, or find one of the numerous showings of the film that will be happening in the upcoming months.


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