St. Louis University is NOT run by a Religous Creed!

See the article here.

“The Supreme Court affirmed a summary judgment handed down July 14, 2005, in St. Louis Circuit Court by Judge Steven Ohmer. It concluded SLU is not owned or controlled by a religious creed even though it’s president, Lawrence Biondi, is a Jesuit priest and the university’s bylaws support Jesuit and Catholic ideals and beliefs.”

Of course SLU isn’t a Catholic institution.  We’ve known for a long time that it’s runs by the Jesuits.  HA!

All jokes aside, I’m not quite sure this is anything new or anything particularly horrifying.  Most schools–even those with traditional religious ties–do not hire based on creed anymore, and it’s difficult to see how a university can require any creed of its students nowadays.

I’m not denying that SLU is a secular institution that has strayed from the faith based on other arguments, but I don’t think this ruling proves anything new.  Heck, Biondi was one of the big pushers from the stem-cell initiative in St. Louis, no doubt due to the money it would bring SLU.  I think THAT says more about how bad SLU has gotten than some silly court ruling.

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2 Comments on “St. Louis University is NOT run by a Religous Creed!”

  1. jh Says:

    Amy Welborn has been really blogging on this

  2. jh, thanks for the tip.

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