Monkish Movies: “Into Great Silence”

 Into Great Silence

I can’t wait for the documentary, “Into Great Silence” to begin showing.  The producer approached the abbot of a Carthusian monastery in the 1980’s wanting to do a documentary on the monks.  The abbot was hesitant:  no outsider had ever been allowed inside the monastery before.  He told the producer that he would think about it.  Apparently, the abbot meant he would think about it for 20 years!

The producer was finally given permission to make the documentary with a few major stipulations.  First, the producer was not allowed to have a narrator interpret or comment upon what the monks were doing.  And secondly, no music–aside from the chanting of the monks–was allowed to be played in the background.  Even then, the producer could not take the chant and play it as background music when the monks weren’t actually singing.  Since the Carthusians practice perpetual silence, these stipulations seem like they would be big ones!

The documentary was released in Germany last year.  Surprisingly, it did very well at the box office.  It did so well that they are having limited showing times in the United States.  I believe it has already begun showing in certain areas. 

Check the link provided below to see if the documentary is coming to a theater near you.  However, you can’t delay:  someone told me that it was only going to be showing in DC for a week.  Other places may only be showing it for brief periods, too.  So go and see it while you have the chance!  For those that live in DC, the E Street Cinema will begin showing the documentary this Friday.

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